Friday, December 3, 2010

Searching for freedom

Beginning to lose all emotion
Hearts torn and frozen
Alcohol can't cure this pain away..
The soft sounds of music creates a positive energy but when the music stops I start to bleed.
Thinking I could get away from this place, so something inside told me to leave.
Didn't know I'd be back here again, fooled that life was nothing more then family and friends.
I love you but I gotta search for a better meaning and reason for me,
though I may never find it, the clothes on my back from the money in my pocket ain't satisfying...
it's not how I define it.
I was blind but now I'm beginning to see,
so I leave this so called reality to find pieces of it in my dreams, I know that this whole world ain't what it seems to be.
Afraid that the pieces in my dreams might take a life time for me to complete,
so we don't pay them any mind, we awake into a deep sleep, blind..
the children of this world will only grow physically, still believing in what the TV wants them to believe
but their childlike minds will never evolve until they enable themselves to perceive and see that this is an illusion...things are not what they seem to be.
Freedom is all I want
all we need..
open your eye's, don't stay asleep..


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